Upcoming Tournaments


Denver, CO hosts one of the most amazing derbies in all creation. Putting on tournaments like Night of the Rolling Dead and Nightmare on Hull Street, the derby in Denver is a destination event for most fans. There isn’t any question that a real fan of roller derby will spend Halloween in Denver, enjoying the battle between the longtime rivals the home town Violators and the regional favorites, the Deep Skulls. With so much at stake every year, this battle is one where no punches are pulled. Injuries are common, and dedication to the win is fierce.


The Austin, TX roller derby is not only a great place to see all the action as it happens, it’s a historical environment that will engage the mind of any fan. In the early 2000’s, Austin served as the birthplace for what we know as roller derby today, taking the classic event that gained fame in the 1960s and turning into a viable, thriving sport that empowers women. Austin’s Roller Derby museum is located nearby the games, and fans who visit the museum will have an opportunity to enjoy a photo session with some of the world’s most famous roller derby players.


Boston, MA opens up full throttle for the Saint Patrick’s Day Derby, called Green is For Go (expletive deleted). The marketing in Boston is probably some of the best in the world, and more attendees who have never been to or played roller derby appear on March 17th than do most other times during the year. There are great opportunities to talk one on one with your favorite players when you attend the derby in Boston.


Portland, OR knows how to party! The city not only has some of the best roller derby environments in the US, it’s got one of the few remaining inclined, figure-eight tracks. With more than 1,200 amateur leagues formed around the world today, it’s important to come to the party in Portland expecting damage. Rivalries between the Devil May Cares and the Deeply Babies are well known throughout the region.