Roller Derby as a Learning Ground for All

Children of all ages can be found enjoying today’s roller derby tournaments. Across the country, from Maine to California, family entertainment is harder and harder to find.


When a family wants to spend quality time together, enjoying the entertainment styling of a troupe of qualified and enthusiastic sports people, they can find just the right mix of violence, and general sporting enthusiasm at the roller derby.

While some leagues, and indeed some locations, are more adult oriented in their showmanship, it isn’t difficult to find leagues that are very child friendly. After all, as primarily a female sport, the roller derby has to be able to accommodate women who must bring their children with them to the derby venue.

Those kids who grow up on the roller derby circuit may be upset that they have to say goodbye to friends, schools and plans, but when they look back in later life on the opportunities for travel, expanding their vocabulary and understanding human motivation better cannot be learned in school.

So many of our transactions in modern life are just that – transactions. The relationships between humans that foster real learning and retention are not the same quality or quantity that they used to be.

When children are proven to learn more and retain it longer if they experience something outside of the classroom environment, it can seem like an upward battle to put together an approach to work and relationship that works, and will last.

The roller derby is intensely honest, with the conversation happening not just in the moment of the tournament, out loud, but also in the way people give cues to one another through dress and other factors.

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