My Story

After his devastating knee injury when serving as a blocker in 1978, Alan S. Alonzo, once famed as the master of the goating technique, had to leave Roller Derby. His full time job as the manager at the Winter Garden Movie House was not enough of a distraction for Alan to easily let go of the loss of his most treasured sport.


After fifteen years of roller derby, Alan’s depression and isolation increased until he simply had to reconnect with his derby past. Gathering together first local aficionados and later international lovers of roller derby, Alan created Race City Roller Derby, a website that showcases the very best of the sport.

Race City Roller Derby provides a showcase not only for Alan’s amazing insider tales of intrigue, politics and suspense that took place in the Silver City, OK derby world in the 1970s, but also gives a forum for visitors to discuss the strategies and tactics employed in historic high-stakes moments, and in today’s derby world.

The number of hits following the dramatic and live streamed derby in 2008 in Crater, NM, was sufficient to take down the Roller City Derby site, and this is one of Alan’s proudest post-competition moments.

Alan’s dedication to the roller derby, his love of the fans, and his ability to predict the wins at upcoming derbies all keep fans coming back to his blog on the Race City Roller Derby site.

While he’s cut back significantly on his derby time as ill health sometimes interferes with his ability to travel, Alan still wakes up each day eager to relive the glory days of his roller derby career, and to share his love of the sport with his fans. The interviews, photo ops and live action video from derbies across the United States are a treasure trove of fun.