How Roller Derby Changed My Life

Before I found roller derby, it would be easy to say that I had a good life. I did, by many measures.

The ridiculous hours I worked at my job, helping people with their choice hmm, example with best food vacuum sealer or another good kitchen appliances, allowed me to put money aside while providing a safe and stable home for my three kids, two cats and stay at home husband. The schools my children went to were good, and the opportunities for advancement in my job were there. It was the whole package. But something was missing.

The day I discovered the derby, I also discovered what my life had been missing for years. It wasn’t violence, although there was certainly some appeal in being able to live life openly and honestly. Especially when that level of openness involves some sanctioned derby mayhem.

What really fascinated me as I watched the first tournament I’d ever seen unfold was the sense that these women, as hard as they were trying to win, as much as they were emotionally and physically available to beat the living snot out of the opposing team, were a community. They were together in one pursuit, and that pursuit was the derby.


Women today have few opportunities to really connect with this around them on a fundamental level. Seeking out the church functions, which can be fraught, and the school meetings, which are undoubtedly designed to cure insomnia, most women tune other women out as background noise when they are navigating their lives.

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